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Ximing (士明) is Liu Xuelan's butler and a member of the Sunset Ravens.


Ximing has light colored hair and a mustache. He usually wears a suit and a tie but has also been shown to wear Chinese clothes. His appearance is relatively the same after the timeskip aside from having a prosthetic from the knee down on his left leg, and uses a cane to help him walk.


As Xuelan's butler, he is loyal to her, and will obey her orders faithfully. However, he will speak out when necessary, as shown when he convinced her that she'd lost based on the conditions she agreed to. He is shown to be happy when he finds that there are still competent fighters in Japan. As he considers himself a guest in Sunset Ravens, he prefers to not voice his opinion unless necessary.


Sigil: As he is involved with the Darwin's Game, Ximing is assumed to have a sigil.

Skilled Fighter: As Xuelan's butler, Ximing is skilled at combat, enough to teach several members of Sunset Ravens such as Sudou Kaname, Ouji Kimihiko, and Inukai. His skill is enough to cause Long Tao and his subordinates to be wary.