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Xiao (シャオ) is one of Long Tao's subordinates.


Xiao has medium length black hair in a bob cut. She wears a dark colored Chinese top and a long, light colored skirt.


As one of Tao's subordinates, Xiao loyally carries out orders, even if it meant potentially dealing with dangerous opponents like Liu Xuelan and having her arm cut off in order to escape. Despite this, she was shown to slightly protest Tao's decision to have Oosako healed, believing that he was already dead.


Starfish Girl (明けの海星(スターフィッシュガール)): Starfish Girl allows Xiao to revitalize her own or someone else's body, making her able to regenerate body parts. She is shown using her sigil to heal her severed right hand and healing Oosako's broken cervical vertebrae.