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Wang (王) was the leader of the clan Eighth.


Wang had medium length hair that was tied into dreads. He wore the Eighth clan uniform consisting of a white sleeveless shirt, a black vest with the number 8 on the back, and jeans. When he was younger, he had a shaved head and wore a white sleeveless shirt and shorts.


Wang was sadistic and cunning. Despite initially mocking the Darwin's Game when he was invited by Shinji, he came to enjoy and love the game due to it allowing him to kill people and do whatever he wanted. He believed that he was the "hero" of the Darwin's Game, stating that the kanji for Wang was for "king". Unlike the other members of Eighth who were playing the Darwin's Game for money, he played because he enjoyed killing. During the Shibuya Hunting Game, he summoned members that weren't involved with the event as reinforcements and was one of the few people that noticed the QR codes on the rings. However, despite his attitude, he became cowardly when he was losing, claiming that the game was bugged and begging for his life. Nevertheless, as he began to disappear, he recalled what Rein said, calmly accepted his defeat, and mockingly got the last laugh while giving Kaname advice on being the "new king".


Beelzebub (虚空の王(ベルゼブブ)): Beelzebub allowed Wang to manipulate space, which he used to teleport or butcher people. However, he was only able to teleport within a 5 meter radius, and his spatial cutting was limited to around a meter. He could also use his sigil to switch places with his opponent. According to Wang himself, he was only able to teleport up to a 10 meter radius, however in his desperate attempt to escape Karino Shuka he managed to teleport several hundred meters into the air.



  • According to the anime booklet, Wang's birthday is unknown due to being an orphan and his blood type is A.