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Vladimir (ウラジミール), known as Uraji (ウラジ) in World Line O's Japan, was an agent of the Great Russian Republic. He was later killed by Sudou Kaname when they attacked the train the latter was riding in.


Vladimir had neatly combed back light colored hair and two horns on his forehead. He worse a Japanese male kimono with a black European coat over it, a black round hat with a wide brim, and round glasses with dark lenses.


As an agent of the Great Russian Republic, Vladimir looked down on Japan, which he believed was a barbarous country for still having a king, though he reluctantly admitted that they were more knowledgeable about sigils than they were. He was shown to manipulate people to do his bidding, such as convincing Kiku to help kidnap who she believed was royalty, and would dispose of them if necessary. In the end he deeply underestimated his opponents, as he was shocked when Kaname and his friends easily dealt with his forces to the point of overkill, previously believing that they wouldn't be an issue at all.


Necropolis (死者の帝国(ネクロポリス)): Necropolis allowed Vladimir to manipulate dead bodies. During the attack on the train, he was shown to be able to manipulate at least eleven at once. However, he needed actual bodies to use his sigil, and therefore had a hard time gathering bodies in World Line O's Japan due to their custom of cremating dead bodies.