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Uruma Seigen (閏間 セイゲン) is the leader of the clan Kuchinawakai and later revealed to be a Darwin's Game player of an unknown world line that briefly acted as a Guardian of the World Branch.


Seigen has long dark hair along with a mustache and a beard. He has no eyes, with crack like markings around his eye sockets, but has somehow been shown to have what appears to be eyes when he looked at Ouji Kimihiko and when he and other clan members fought a Doume. He wears a robe that covers his body, earrings, and a circlet with a snake that represents Kuchinawa.


Seigen is a charismatic leader as he is the head of a new religious movement comprised of 50,000 members. He is also shown to be perceptive, noticing that Kimihiko was targeting him and watched as he ran despite the other members around him not noticing anything. He doesn't seem to like overly secular people, instructing his subordinates to not cooperate with an "evil" man like Kanehira Hideaki.

Upon meeting Kaname, he is shown to be overjoyed, claiming to have waited a long time for his arrival, and apologized for his behavior for being overly excited.


Azazel (黒山羊の王(アザゼル)): Azazel allows Seigen to apply as much power as he wants to an object. He is shown using it to twist and destroy a can and later to stop bullets fired at him. In World Line N he has used it to twist and kill people such as during the Hunting Game.

Guardian of the World Branch: As the former guardian of an unknown world line, Seigen had the ability to teleport people and give people sigils, though it is unknown if he still has said powers.