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Tower (タワー) is one of the Guards.


Tower is large and muscular with short hair. It is unknown what he usually wears as he was shown only wearing pants since he was working out.


According to Witch, Tower thinks of things too simplistically, causing her to be unable to seem him as an equal. He enjoys working out, telling Witch that it could solve all problems. In this first appearance, Tower is shown talking normally instead of using Greed information synchronization. As with the other Guards he has no qualms about giving his life in service to the Greed king.


Greed D: As a Greed D, Tower has command over other Greed such as Greed S.

Sigil: Tower has a sigil that allows him to manipulate solid matter within a 20 meter radius. He is shown using it by touching objects though it is unknown if he can use his feet as well. Seigen mentions that he's used it to collapse the ground and create spikes, and has used it in the current time to create a giant serpent out of the ground. As he needs to touch the object he's manipulating, he is vulnerable when he can't touch anything, and his creation has been destroyed using Azazel.