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Towa (トワ) is a member of Nihonkoku.


Towa has blue eyes and medium length brown hair. She wears a white and pink miko kimono.


As a miko apprentice to Mokuren, she helps her out with her duties whenever possible. She is shown to be surprised by things she's never seen such as a cell phone. She is initially shown to be wary of certain people like Saigou Arisa, as the latter complained that Towa had gotten friendly with Sudou Kaname before her. She is also brave, willing to risk her life by stepping in between Kaname and Riku during their duel to stop them.

After living in World Line N, her attitude becomes that of a typical female teenager.


Sigil (識希流): Towa has the ability to see a bit of the future through her dreams. Her ability is called sigil in Nihonkoku, though it is unknown whether it is the same as the sigils that Darwin's Game players use. Her ability only works when there is a potentially branch in the future where a choice could affect the outcome, or when her own life is in danger. Although her dream can show her most details, specific details like who they are fighting can be obscured.