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Themis (テミス) is the leader of the clan Trinity.


Themis has extremely long hair that she has tied into two ponytails, with some strands on the sides of her head. She wears a dress that reveals her shoulders and cleavage, a large necklace, and armbands.


Themis is manipulative and tries to scheme against her opponents, such as having Kanehira Hideaki try to kill Sudou Kaname during the Hunting Game, and later planned on using her sigil on the latter to attempt to win against his clan. However, her plans usually backfire, as she lost the bet to Sunset Ravens and her sigil plan was prevented by Mokuren and Towa's future sight.

She's also extremely prideful, and is willing to go to great lengths to restore her pride even after losing to Sunset Ravens. During the Hunting Game, she openly mocked Karino Shuka believing in her victory.


Unbalance (歪んだ天秤(アンバランス)): Unbalance allows Themis to break the target's mental stability and manipulate their cognition. An example of her sigil would be changing someone's perception that a "kidnapper who's taken hostages" is actually a "savior that's saving the lives of the hostages".