The different types of terminology in Darwin's Game.

Darwin's Game

Darwin's Game (ダーウインズゲーム): See Darwin's Game.

Guardians of the World Branch (世界枝の守護者): Guardians are certain individuals who oversee their respective world line, and they are the source of each world line's sigils. Nevertheless, there seem to be other ways of obtaining sigils, as shown with people of other countries in World Line O having one, and a girl in World Line N being born with one.

In addition to giving points and privileges, Guardians are able to teleport anything in their own world, however, this does not include people from other world lines and vice versa. According to Kukuri, Guardians are not allowed to use their powers across world lines, which she told Shidou Izaya when he showed up in World Line O to teleport Kaname back to World Line N. Guardians apparently have differences in what they can do, as Izaya was able to observe more than 200 world lines while Kukuri stated that she was only able to observe 8 nearby world lines at max. Guardians were previously thought to be Game Masters (ゲームマスター), though that only applies to Izaya due to the fact that he was the creator of the Darwin's Game app, which is why Sudou Kaname refers to the other Guardians as Game Masters when they actually aren't.

Izaya states that Guardians have the ability to observe differing world lines and connect them, calling them the "guardians of mankind", and that the "true Darwin's Game" is a system to overcome the stagnation of the world and promote evolution. However, a certain Guardian misused their powers and turned the people in his World Line into Greed, the GM becoming one themselves, and Izaya refers to this Guardian as the World Class Hub (世界間結節点(ワールドクラスハブ)). Guardians are also able to pass on their powers as shown with Izaya and Uruma Seigen, however the process can be interfered with as a Greed took part of the power. If a Guardian's power is incomplete their world will collapse.

Executioner (処刑人): Executioners are players that have been scouted by the Game Master Shidou Izaya to get rid of people that would be detrimental to the game such as rule breakers and those that attempt to research it, and in exchange for their service the Game Master gives them a privilege. The only known executioners are Fuli, Oboro, and Tabata Shigeo.

Sigil (シギル): See Sigil.

Privileges (特権): Privileges are given to winners of Darwin's Game events. So far Kaname, Themis, Danjou, and Kanehira Hideaki are shown to have one. Themis was allowed to host gambling events using the Darwin's Game, Danjou was allowed to have point matches at his arena instead of rank matches, and Hideaki was given a contract system to use in his insurance business. Kaname asked for the privilege High Roller (勝者総取り(ハイ・ローラー)), which allows him to force his opponent to bet the same or as high as possible as him and/or the Sunset Ravens (if it was a clan battle). Using this privilege, Kaname was able to take all of Eighth's points (8869), leading to the disbandment of the clan and every member's death.

Greed (混沌の鼠(グリード)): See Greed.

Doume (ドウメ): See Doume.


Clans (クラン): See Clans.

Nihonkoku (日本邑): See Nihonkoku.

Out of Range Village (圏外村): See Out of Range Village.

World Line (世界線): World Lines are the various worlds in the Darwin's Game, and these world lines are likened to the branches of a tree. There are several requirements to travel between world lines, though those requirements can seemingly be mitigated if two GMs help each other. The jump must take place when two world lines are close to one another, those traveling must be at an adequate location to jump from, and there needs to be a certain amount of force in order to make the jump, which can be assisted by putting them in a moving object such as a train. In addition, time flows differently between world lines, as seen when 5 years had passed in World Line N when only 3 months had passed in World Line O.

  • World Line N (世界線N): World Line N is the world Kaname and most of the characters live in.
  • World Line O (世界線O): See World Line O.


Treasure Hunt Game (宝探しゲーム): The first event Kaname participates in, starting at the end of volume 2 and ending at the beginning of volume 6. The objective of the event was to find the hidden treasure in Shibuya, and the precise location could only be figured out by reading the QR codes of all seven rings with gems. Kaname won the event when he opened the locker containing the "treasure".

Hunting Game (ハンティングゲーム): Kaname's second event which took place on an island somewhere in the pacific. The event started in the middle of volume 9 and ended in the middle of volume 13. The island was from an unnamed world line and both Nihonkoku and the Doume lived there. The Hunting Game would end once someone achieved 10,000 points exclusive to the event, and although killing other humans gave 100 points each, killing other Darwin's Game players gave a -100 penalty, which led to Hideaki's group attacking Nihonkoku. Kaname's group successfully repelled their invasion, and Kaname won because Oboro convinced the Game Master to pretend that Kaname killed the boss Doume.

Duel with the Pirate King Game (海賊王との決闘ゲーム): Kaname's first Darwin's Game between world lines. The event started in the middle of volume 16 and ended at the beginning of volume 19. Kaname and the other World Line N players acted as the sailors tasked with defending the ship against the pirates, who were the players from World Line O. The game would end when either three of the sailors' five locks or the pirates' own lock was opened, but after two of the sailors' locks were opened the sailors purposely sunk the ship to make their own remaining locks unreachable. World Line N lost when Kaname had Kouu accept the sailors' surrender, as both teams knew that the pirates wouldn't be able to win and a prolonged battle would only cause unnecessary casualties on both sides.

Shibuya Hunting Game (シブヤ ハンティングゲーム): An event that the Game Master hurriedly put together to get Darwin's Game players to fight against the Greed that were appearing in Shibuya. The event started at the end of volume 17 and ended at an unknown point in time. The win conditions were unknown, though the wolverine Greed (Size S) were worth 100 points and the mammoth ones (Size LL) were worth 10,000. It is unknown whether anyone other than the Sunset Ravens participated as no one else was shown fighting, though it was later mentioned the JSDF got involved with the event. The event presumably ended when everyone was forced to retreat from Shibuya due to the overwhelming number of greed that appeared.

Werewolf Game (人狼ゲーム): The final event of the Darwin's Game given to the members of the Sunset Ravens by the Game Master Shidou Izaya. The event was given in chapter 86 though it is unknown if it has started or not. The goal of the event is to find the leader of the greed and kill them. What makes the event difficult is the fact that Izaya doesn't know where the leader is and that the greed are able to impersonate people they kill, effectively forcing the Ravens to search through humans.

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