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Tagonaka Yukimasa (田護中 幸正) is government employee investigating the Darwin's Game and a former department detective for Metropolitan Police.


Yukimasa has short dark colored hair. He wears a white shirt, suit pants, a dark colored necktie, and a cap.


Yukimasa is an upright and dutiful man who takes his job seriously in investigating the Darwin's Game. Despite being thrown into the game with no prior knowledge, he manages to adapt to his situation and survive. He is shown to be somewhat intelligent, figuring out the code message that Kaito sent him. He is shown to be sympathetic toward Sudou Kaname, letting his casual attitude slide because he knows he's been through a lot.


Watchdog (番犬(ウォッチドッグ)): Watchdog allows Yukimasa to summon Tarou (タロウ), his deceased pet dog. Only Yukimasa can see and hear Tarou, though Tarou is able to physically interact with others. Anything perceived by Tarou is also perceived by Yukimasa as if their senses were linked.

Physical Combat: As a former police officer, Yukimasa has experience in physically dealing with opponents.

Equipment: As a police officer and later a government employee, Yukimasa uses a gun.