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Tabata Shigeo (田端 シゲオ) is a student at Sudou Kaname's school and a Darwin's Game player. He later becomes an executioner working for Shidou Izaya.


Shigeo has black hair in a bowl cut and has glasses. He wears his school's black uniform.

After the timeskip, he wears a black long sleeved and collared top, black pants, and black gloves. He still wears the glasses he used 5 years earlier.


Originally, Shigeo was very timid, owing to the fact that he was constantly bullied by the members of the Evilest Evolution Association and extorted for large sums of money. After he joins Ieiri, he is much more serious and becomes condescending toward Oosako. He also becomes more confident in his abilities, attacking Tuscan and Rand. After the timeskip, he also becomes much more assertive, dealing with greed on his own and tries to appeal his efforts to others such as the Game Master. According to Oboro, the way Shigeo killed his enemies left a bad taste in his mouth, as he likened it to a child ripping off an insect's legs.


The Spinner (渦動輪の王(ザ・スピナー)): The Spinner allows Shigeo to spin things. Originally, he could only spin pens, but later got the hang of spinning larger things after he used it to escape from Oosako. Since then, he has also used it offensively such as twisting his opponent's neck or spinning his own weapons to improve their cutting ability.

After the 5 year timeskip, Shigeo is shown to have greatly improved at using his sigil, as he is now able to remotely twist his target and can affect multiple targets at once. However, he was shown touching the mammoth greed when he killed it.