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Sunset Ravens (サンセットレーベンズ) is a clan founded by Sudou Kaname and his allies after the Shibuya Treasure Hunting Event and is considered to be one of the most powerful clans in Japan.


The clan was formed from the members that survived the Shibuya Treasure Hunting Event in order to fight against the aggressive Eighth. The clan's goal is to win Darwin's Game without killing anyone. However, they will kill and use force when necessary, as shown when Kaname threatened to slit Saigou Takeshi's throat. The clan also forbids combat within its territory and will punish those that disobey the rule.

Following the Hunting Game event, Sunset Ravens has authority over the clan Trinity after they won the bet with Themis over whether Kaname would finish first in the event.


Name Sigil Status
Sudou Kaname Hinokagutsuchi Active
Karino Shuka Queen of Thorn Active
Kashiwagi Rein Laplace Active
Maesaka Ryuuji True or Lie Active
Sui/Souta Pollux Light
Castor Light
Liu Xuelan Unknown Active
Ximing Unknown Active
Ouji Kimihiko Third Eye Active
Inukai Speed Star Active
Oboro Yatagarasu Active
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