The Sunset Ravens is a Clan founded by Sudo Kaname and his allies during the Shibuya Treasure Hunt Event and is renowned for quickly taking control of large areas and be a recognized power in D-Game's balance despite their small number.

Clan MembersEdit

It is originally composed of the team assembled during Shibuya Event.

  • Sudo Kaname (founder and initial member) Leader and Fighter, Flame God's Hammer
  • Karino "The Undefeated Queen" Shuka (initial member) Experienced Long-Medium Mobile Fighter, Queen of Thorns
  • Ryuji Maesaka (initial member) Experienced Front Line Fighter, Juggernaut, Truth or Lie detector
  • Kashiwagi "Rain" Rein (initial member) Analyst and Long Range Fighter (Sniper), Laplace function
  • Sui/Souta (initial member) Supporter/Fighter, Castor and Pollux
  • Liu Xuelan (after attempting to kidnap Kaname) Experienced Assassin and Fighter and currently 1st Ranker of D-Game, Unknown Sigil
  • Shiming (after attempting to kidnap Kaname) Butler with assassin experience, Unknown Sigil
  • Hiiragi Suzune (Possible integration after being rescued by the Ravens but hasn't been confirmed yet) can turn parts of her body to give them beast-like features and enhance her senses, strength and endurance
  • Ouji Kimihiko (New member)
  • Inukai (got kicked out of Danjou Boxing club and "adopted" by Kaname) Speedster


The Clan was formed around the common interest to survive Eighth's aggressive advances and eventually win the Treasure Hunt Event but its members decided to stay together because of the bonds they formed. The Clan wasn't named until the end of the Event and thus was only officially created after it. Kaname, Rein, Ryuji and Hiiragi "The Florist" Ichirou constituted the initial group since Shuka was away (but quickly rejoined) and The Florist died. They came up meeting Sui and Souta while trying to rejoin Shuka who rejoined them shortly after, the former not wanting to kill anyone.

History Edit

The Sunset Raven's founder, Kaname Sudo won the Treasure Hunt Event thanks to his allies and thus was granted with a considerable amount of point as well as with a currently unrevealed privilege. Because of Kaname's initial motive, the Sunset Ravens goal is at first to "win" Darwin's Game but without having to kill anyone.This will quickly change with Yota's death by the hands of the Eighth who will be exterminated in the following minutes after Kaname went on a killing spree. After that, they quickly take possession of Eighth's territories and eventually whole districts. They forbid combats within their territories and severily punish those who don't respect this rule. Overall, they don't show an aggressive behaviour towards the other Clans but rather look for non-aggression treaties and cooperations between the. Although, they rarely engage a fight, they won't hesitate to defend themselves. The Sunet Ravens are actively trying to end the D-Game and thus will try to obtain the most information possible from the Game itself, it's Administrator and those who have privilege from the Game's staff like Themis and her Clan or The Accountant. They try to help people in danger and won't allow any player to make profit by luring outsiders into the Game.