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Sui (スイ) is a member of Sunset Ravens. In addition to herself, there is the soul of her deceased brother Souta (ソータ) inside of her, both of whom are capable of swapping out with each other if needed.


Sui has long pale blue hair and eyes of the same color. She usually wears a white hooded coat with cat ears and black tights.

After the 5 year timeskip, Sui now has longer hair which extends down to her stomach. She wears a dark top, an open coat similar to the hooded one she wore before, and long dark tights.


Sui's a shy girl and dislikes the idea of killing others, even if its to survive. Before going to the Out of Range Village, she was timid and passive, sticking to more of a support role like Kashiwagi Rein. During the battle against Eighth, she vomited upon seeing the aftermath of Kaname and Ryuuji's massacre. However, during their stay at the village, she began to get involved and helped everyone find the culprit, in addition to actually neutralizing the threat herself. Despite her normally passive nature, Sui is quite dependable when it comes down to it, such as when she confronted who she thought was the culprit and capturing Oboro before he could escape. She also cares deeply about her fellow clan members and felt guilty for not being able to protect Ryuuji from being attacked whilst at the village.

After the timeskip, Sui has become a lot more pragmatic and ruthless, such as asking Kaname if he wanted her to suffocate Oboro upon capturing him or make Oboro feel like he's drowning.

Unlike Sui, Souta is much bolder and more outspoken, showing no aversion to the idea of killing others. He's also been shown to not be good at planning things out, telling those present that they should kill the enemy rather than think too hard about it, causing Rein to explain why it wasn't so easy, and when he panicked after the fake Kazuya died, stating that he didn't freeze him that deep.

Many people don't believe Souta is actually Sui's brother trapped inside her body or that he even existed in the first place, instead they see him as either a split personality to help Sui cope with her situation or as a consciously manufactured alter ego created in order to divert her feelings of guilt by pinning her actions on somebody else.


Pollux Light (枯れずの水瓶(ポルクスライト)): Sui's sigil. Pollux Light allows Sui to control liquids such as water, soft drinks, and even soup. She can use her sigil to sense where people are by tracking liquids whether they be actual water or their blood, or use it to extract stuff from people's bodies. She can also manipulate people's blood, which she demonstrated by slowing Nayuta's blood flow to the brain and killing a hostile parrot. However, she is unable to move water quickly, making her unfit for maneuver warfare. After the timeskip, Sui is shown to have greater control over her sigil, being able to use it unconsciously while thinking about other things. She has improved the speed at which she can control water, as she was able to stop Oboro from flying away and quickly trap him inside water. She later reveals that she is now able to draw water from the atmosphere to use with her sigil.

Castor Light (開かずの氷室(カストルライト)): Souta's sigil. Castor Light allows Souta to freeze liquids. He normally uses it in conjunction with Sui's Pollux Light, though he can also use it with other sources like water bottles.



  • According to the anime booklet, Sui's birthday is June 12 and her blood type is A.
  • Despite being cowardly, Sui is mentioned to be skilled at playing violent video games.
  • Sui and Souta's sigils are a reference to Castor and Pollux.