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Sudou Kaname (須藤 要) is a high school student and the main protagonist of Darwin's Game. He later becomes the leader of the clan Sunset Ravens.


Kaname has short black hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a red shirt, a white hooded jacket, and jeans, though he has been shown wearing Chinese clothes while training with Ximing. Whenever he becomes serious, it is shown by him having black eyes.


Originally, as he had no knowledge of the Darwin's Game, Kaname acted like a typical teenager. Even after getting involved with the game, he refused to kill his opponents even if they were trying to kill him. However, after he discovers Youta's dead body, he resolves to do whatever he can to clear the game, and gets rid of his hesitation of killing. He still prefers to resolve matters peacefully but will use a show of force if necessary, as shown when he threatened to slit Saigou Takeshi's throat when the latter threatened him. Because of his decision to clear the game, he doesn't consider Darwin's Game points as money and will only use it when necessary such as for negotiations.

Kaname has great willpower, good decision making abilities, and determination, shown through his victories against Banda-kun and Shuka. This latter attribute of his personality has been greatly commented on by his foes and his strategic thinking has allowed him to determine the weaknesses and abilities of his opponents.


Hinokagutsuchi (火神鎚(ヒノカグツチ)): Hinokagutsuchi allows Kaname to reproduce in his hands any object that he has touched before. However, overuse of this ability causes severe strain and fatigue on him. The objects he creates last as long as he remains conscious, or until he touches them and thinks "return". This ability can't reproduce complex technology like cell phones or large objects like cars, and the objects he creates through his sigil are not exact replicas. The objects created by Hinokagutsuchi can only maintain their form within a 2-kilometer radius of Kaname, which becomes smaller if multiple objects are created at once. Later, after his training in World Line O, objects that Kaname makes no longer disappear if he becomes unconscious.

High Roller (勝者総取り(ハイ・ローラー)) is the privilege Kaname earned after winning the Treasure Hunt Game. It allows him to force his opponent to bet the same or as high as possible as him and/or the Sunset Ravens (if it is a clan battle). Using this privilege, Kaname was able to take all of Eighth's points (8869), leading to the disbandment of the clan and every member's death.

Skilled Fighter: At the beginning of the series, Kaname is shown to have below-average physical abilities, as shown when he runs out of breath and feels pains in his sides after running only a short distance. After training with Ximing, he becomes much more skilled, becoming able to deal with tough situations and fight against strong enemies.

Equipment: Kaname is trained by Ximing to properly be able to use the various weapons he can create with his sigil, such as a katana or guns. The katana he wields is stated to have been made by Yasutsuna but is currently unnamed. Kaname also uses flash grenades and creates weapons for others to use.



  • According to the anime booklet, Kaname's birthday is May 12 and his blood type is A.
  • Kaname's father works overseas and his mother is deceased.