Sudo Kaname
Sudo Kaname
General Information
Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Ability Flame God's Hammer
Personal Information
Gender ♂ Male
Age 17
Hair Color Black
Eye Colour Brown
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Sudo Kaname (須藤要, Sudo Kaname) is a high school student and the main protagonist of Darwin's Game.


Sudo Kaname is an average-looking teenager. He has short black hair and an average build. He was described as being cute by Shuka, although the statement could have been in reference to his D-game avatar. He usually wears a white sweat jacket with a hood over a black t-shirt, and a pair of blue jeans.


Although he dislikes killing, he has won consecutive victories against Banda and Shuka, who were both considered unbeatable. He achieved this through his willpower, decision making abilities, and determination. This latter attribute of his personality has been greatly commented on by his foes and his strategic thinking has allowed him to determine the weaknesses and abilities of his opponents.

He is merciful against enemies, willing to find alternative ways to end a confrontation than killing, though he also values his own life. His charisma helps him in creating alliances with other players.

His luck is also quite good. In D-game, he wins a gun from the gacha machine, despite it having only an 8% chance of being won. In addition, he manages to survive despite his lack of experience, his aversion to killing, and his constant running away.


At the beginning of the series, Kaname is shown to have below-average physical abilities -- after running only a short distance, he runs out of breath and feels pains in his sides. However, after training in Kenpō with Shiming, he became extremely physically fit. Kimihiko noted that his strength and speed were on par with or greater than the specials forces you see in movies.

His Sigil, Flame God's Hammer, allows him to reproduce in his hands any object that he has touched before. However, overuse of this ability causes severe strain and fatigue on him. The objects he creates last as long as he remains conscious, or until he touches them and thinks "return." This ability can't reproduce complex technology like cell phones or large objects like cars. The objects he creates through his Sigil are not exact replicas. When training his Sigil with Shiming, it was shown that the katanas he made were much weaker than the one he copied them from. After the training, however, the quality of his replicas surpassed the original, chipping it when the two were smashed together. Moreover, during his fight with the Florist, Kaname demonstrated the ability to modify the gun and the bullets of the weapon he copied.


Kaname is embarked in the Darwin's Game when he receives an invitation from his friend Kyoda, who is about to be killed by Banda Boy. He is at first incredulous, but is soon overtaken by reality when Banda-Boy attacks him. Despite his fear, Kaname manages to escape and lure Banda Boy into a parking lot, where a car topples him while he is hidden by his invisibility sigil.

During this fight, Kaname receives a message from Shuka, Queen Invincible. She offers him an appointment in a disused warehouse to explain the undertones of Darwin's Game. However, the interview turns bad when Kaname is unable to explain his sigil and Shuka understands that he is armed. Against all odds, Kaname wins the fight after shaming against Shuka. Not resentful, Shuka brings Kaname home. The next day, they both receive an invitation to a special event: a treasure hunt. They then meet in Shibuya.

Kaname then met a new player: Inukai, from the Danjou Boxing Club. The latter causes him to duel, but the fight is quickly interrupted by the intervention of Shuka. The treasure hunt begins immediately after, and Kaname is teleported to a hotel in Shibuya. He immediately finds a bracelet but then confronts Ryuji Maesaka, a player in military uniform armed with a submachine gun. Disgusted by Kaname's inability to kill him when he has the advantage, Ryuji lets Kaname leave not without taking his bracelet beforehand. Soon after, Kaname met Kashiwagi Rein (better known as Rein), the Analyst. Both join forces to resist the assaults of the Florist, a player whose Sigil allows to control the plants and who took the controls of the hotel. Through their strategy and a final battle where Kaname has a vision of a strange blacksmith, Kaname and Rain defeat the Florist.

The situation being dangerous especially because of the Eighth who participate in the treasure hunt, Kaname and Rain are allied to the Florist and Ryuji. Kaname receives shortly after a call for help from Shuka, who was trapped by Sota and Sui. He goes to his rescue with Ryuji and saves her. It is on this occasion that Shuka (who seems to have fallen under the spell of Kaname since their meeting) and Kaname embrace for the first time. Kaname's team is then reinforced by the arrival of Shuka and Sui (to whom Shuka has forgiven, since his trap allowed him to be saved by Kaname).

Kaname, who understands that the bracelets that the players are supposed to look for are not the treasure of treasure hunts but merely a means of accessing them, seeks to collect all types of bracelets. The bracelets their team has already indicated to them the location of the treasure: the station of Shibuya, invaded by the Eighth. While Rain goes there, Kaname sets out to find the only diamond bracelet he needs, and finds Inspector Tagonaka Yukimasa (whom he met after Banda-Boy's death). He gets from the latter the diamond bracelet, which he advises him to throw in order not to be the target of the lust of other players. Kaname and his team then join Rain at Shibuya Station, where they confront One. While Ryuji is under threat of being dissected alive by the latter, Kaname intervenes, deceives One and discovers before his eyes the treasure, ending the treasure hunt.

Kaname is then contacted by the game administrator, who tells him that the Darwin's Game can be stopped: either by finishing it or by killing the administrator. It also receives a "special privilege" that is not immediately revealed. However, while he leaves to train at the boxing club of Danjou, he is kidnapped by number 1 of the ranking, Liu Xuelan, who wants to make her husband and bearer of his heir. Fortunately, Kaname is rescued by the members of his clan, who took the name of Sunset Ravens. However, during this time and in retaliation, the Eighths kidnapped Yota, Kaname's friend, and challenged him to pick him up in a warehouse near the port. The Sunset Ravens go there, accompanied by Inukai, but too late: Yota was killed by One. Drunk of anger, Kaname decides to exterminate all the Eighths thanks to the privilege granted him by the administrator of the game: the High Roller (when a clan loses against the Sunset Ravens, the latter takes all their points to them, Elimination - and therefore death - of all members of the clan). Following the death of One and his men, the Sunset Ravens took possession of the Shibuya district and forbade the fighting.

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