Shidou Izaya (至道 イザヤ), usually referred to as the Game Master (ゲームマスター) or N, is a mysterious man who made the Darwin's Game app. It is later revealed that he was the president of a communications company and an angel investor.


Izaya has short, light colored hair. He wears a dark colored long sleeved shirt and pants.


Not much is known about the Izaya. He doesn't trust governments, stating that they wouldn't understand the fight they were going through. He considers himself better than Arabaki, informing him that he wouldn't make the same mistakes. He is somewhat lenient, as he was willing to alter the outcome of the Hunting Game based on Oboro's request. He is also observant, analyzing what various players would do.


Sigil: Izaya has an unnamed sigil that allows him to manipulate radio waves. He uses his sigil to run the Darwin's Game app, making it unnecessary to have an internet connection to use it.

Game Master: As the Game Master of World Line N, Izaya has the ability to teleport people and give people sigils.


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