Saigou Takeshi (サイゴウ タケシ) is the leader of the clan Saigou Group.


Takeshi has dark colored hair which he has in a ducktail style. He wears a slightly unbuttoned dark colored shirt, white suit pants, and a white suit jacket.


Originally, Takeshi didn't think much of Sudou Kaname and tried to have him killed, but changed his mind when he was almost killed by the latter. Since then, he has been friendly toward Sunset Ravens, working together with them during the Hunting Game to save Nihonkoku.


Knights of Round (騎士の栄光(ナイツ オブ ラウンド)): Knights of Round allows Takeshi to telekinetically control metal, specifically weapons. During the Hunting Game event, he was shown to control 15 automatic rifles by himself.


  • Takeshi cleans the Jizou statue near the Saigou Group building every day.


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