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Saigou Arisa (サイゴウ アリサ) is a member of the clan Saigou Group.


Arisa has medium length dark colored hair. She wears a light colored one piece top, black leggings, black belts which she puts her katana in, and long earrings and a necklace.


Originally, like her brother, she didn't think much of Sudou Kaname, but became friendly after the former surrendered. She helped Kaname in saving Nihonkoku during the Hunting Game and was annoyed that Towa became attached to him and Ouji Kimihiko before her.


Zantetsuken (王之利剣(ザンテツケン)): Zantetsuken allows Arisa to cut through anything, though how her sigil works is unknown.

Equipment: Arisa wields a katana which she uses in conjunction with her sigil.