Ryuji Maesaka
General Information
Alias Ryuji
Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Status Alive
Ability Truth or Lie
Personal Information
Gender ♂ Male
Age 21
Hair Color Blonde
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 9

Ryuji Maesaka (前坂 隆二, Maesaka Ryuji) is one of the main characters, though somewhat of a side character, in Darwin's Game and is a member of Sunset Ravens.


Ryuji has shaggy, long blond hair, and while fighting in matches, is frequently seen wearing a dark trench coat over a black shirt, black gloves and dark pants.

He usually holds a machine gun of some sort as well.



Ryuji's Sigil, Lie Detector, is an Expanded Senses Type Sigil that allows him to detect if someone is telling a lie. He has stated that he does not find his Sigil to be very useful, as it doesn't have much of a purpose in combat, and people tend to tell lies all the time.

During battle he utilizes a machine gun, and has a concealed hand gun as backup. He has a total of 27 battles, 19 of which are victories.