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Out of Range Village (圏外村) is a village located in northern Japan to give shelter to former Darwin's Game players and their families.


The Out of Range Village was created to protect Darwin's Game players from the game itself. As it is out of cell phone range, the Darwin's Game app won't activate, however they are still vulnerable to encount battles. The people living there range from former Darwin's Game players to families of those affected. The leader of village defense is Nayuta. Following the Hunting Game and Sunset Ravens' visit to the village, the members of Nihonkoku also live there.

Following the Greed invasion, the village has grown to accommodate people that have evacuated to safety. According to the members of the Ravens that stayed behind during the event, most of the original villagers are safe, they now work together with the government, and the village has become a major base in the fight against the greed. The size and population of the village has massively increased with there being a 3rd camp located across the mountain. According to Nayuta, the population of the village would be more than 100,000 if all the camps were included.