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Ouji Kimihiko (オージ キミヒコ) is a member of the Sunset Ravens.


Kimihiko has medium length black hair with a fringed cut. His casual wear consists of a normal or button-up shirt with pants, and he wears military gear when fighting or participating in the Darwin's Game.

After the timeskip, Kimihiko is taller and wears a dark button up shirt, a body armor vest, and light colored pants.


Originally, Kimihiko lacked self-confidence and was easily put down due to being new at the Darwin's Game. However, after surviving the Hunting Game with Sudou Kaname, he becomes more confident in his abilities and does his best for his clan.


Third Eye (企鵝眼(サードアイ)): Third Eye allows Kimihiko to sense the location of what he's looking for and view said location from any angle. However, its range only extends 50 meters, he can't sense vague things like water or enemies, and he can't move while he's using it. Despite this, he was able to find a bear based on what Kaname told him with an increased distance of 90 meters, and he realized that he could shift his viewpoint to look at things from above. After the timeskip, Kimihiko is able to use his sigil while moving around, though he can only see short distances.

Poor Physical Ability: Before the timeskip, Kimihiko is shown to be easily tired when trying to keep up with Kaname during the Hunting Game. In addition, he attempted to skip Ximing's training by going with Maesaka Ryuuji to the Out of Range Village.