Ouji Kimihiko
Ouji Kimihiko
General Information
Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Status Alive
Ability Third Eye
Personal Information
Gender ♂ Male
Age Assumed 18+
Hair Color Black
Eye Colour Possibly Black
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 31


Ouji hair is styled In a fringed cut and is at first seen in a military styled outfit with a helmet that has binoculars attached to it and gloves. He carries around a gun. After the events of the hunters game he sports a button down long sleeve shirt and suit pants.


Ouji In the beginning lacks self confidence (especially in this abilities) and is easily put down. During the hunting event he was easily frightened by the glare of an Opponent he set his eyes on and readily gave up when Kaname ambushed him. Over the events of the Hunting event he becomea more confident.


Ouji’s sigil is called “Third Eye” or Penguins eye, it allows him to visualize the location of something he is searching for and freely move his field of veiw to look for it. In the beginning it is believed that he can only go up to 50 meters but this is proven wrong when he surpasses it by going up to 2 kilommeters which is about 2000 meters. In addition Ouji has very low stamina and endurance when he couldn’t keep up with Kaname after only running for a while In the forest.