Oboro (オボロ) is a Darwin's Game player associated with the Game Master.


Oboro has medium length light colored hair. He wears black vestments with an inverse Latin cross located near his neck.


As the Game Master's assassin, he kills whoever he is ordered to kill, such as a CIA agent who was composing a report on Darwin's Game. He states that he will protect the Game Master as long as he doesn't give up on the game. He doesn't care if people plead for their lives, logically explaining that it was their own fault for attacking him and that he would've died if he hadn't used his sigil. He takes an interest in Sudou Kaname after Sunset Ravens wins against Eighth and later tells the Game Master that he plans to support Kaname after his win in the Hunting Game. He doesn't like enemies he considers as "classless", complaining to the Game Master to provide him with better enemies.


Sigil: Oboro has an unnamed sigil that allows him to manipulate vectors, with its effect being stronger than the Doume's version.

Equipment: Oboro uses a knife that he uses to kill people by stabbing their forehead.


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