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Norie (ノリエ) is a member of Kuchinawakai.


Norie has closed eyes and long black hair. She wears the Kuchinawakai robe that covers her whole body and wears earrings.


As a member of Kuchinawakai, Norie is a devout follower of Uruma Seigen, and will get angry if people insult him. She is more lenient of insults toward herself as shown when she forgave Saigou Takeshi because they used to be classmates. She is also shown to praise people if they do something that pleases her, such as when Takeshi told her that he cleans the Jizou statue near the Saigou Group building every day.


Sigil: Norie has an unnamed sigil that allows her to telekinetically affect an object, as shown when she and Takamiya twisted a man's body.