Darwin’s Game Wikia

Nayuta (ナユタ) is the leader of defense in the Out of Range Village.


Nayuta has long hair with a ribbon tied on the back of her head and wears glasses. She usually wears a sleeveless shirt with dots, a skirt, and a bell around her left wrist. When fighting a mock battle, she wears a dark keikogi.


As the leader of village defense, Nayuta takes her job seriously, and knows everyone that lives in the village. She enjoys living in the village even with its lack of connection to the outside world. Because of this, she isn't knowledgeable about the Darwin's Game, such as not knowing what Eighth was.


Sigil: Nayuta has an unknown sigil that allows her to emit sound waves from a bell she has around her left wrist. She can use the waves as sonar to check if there are people around or use them to emit directive waves to affect her opponent's semicircular canals in order to neutralize them. Nayuta states that her sigil is meant for fighting living people and thus has no effect against animated dolls.

Good Hearing: Nayuta was able to hear something that Maesaka Ryuuji and Riku whispered to each other.

Equipment: After the timeskip she is shown wielding a curved staff with a bell on its tip.