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Mokuren (モクレン) is the head of the priestesses of Nihonkoku.


Mokuren has purple eyes and long black hair with a flower accessory. She wears a white and purple miko kimono.


Mokuren is kind and friendly. She asked Sudou Kaname and his companions, who'd she never met before, to save Nihonkoku based on her future sight. When Kaname and Riku were forced to duel, she protested against it. She is implied to have feelings for Kaname.


Sigil (識希流): Mokuren has the ability to see a bit of the future through her dreams. Her ability is called sigil in Nihonkoku, though it is unknown whether it is the same as the sigils that Darwin's Game players use. Her ability only works when there is a potentially branch in the future where a choice could affect the outcome, or when her own life is in danger. Although her dream can show her most details, specific details like who they are fighting can be obscured.


  • Mokuren is the Japanese name of the magnolia.