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Maesaka Ryuuji (前坂 隆二) is a member of the clan Sunset Ravens.


Ryuuji has long blonde hair. When fighting or participating in Darwin's Game, he wears a skull mask and black bulletproof gear consisting of a black shirt and trench coat.


Ryuuji is generally friendly to the other members of the clan and will help out if needed. Originally, he was seeking revenge on Wang and Eighth for murdering his younger brother in front of him, and almost didn't join the temporary alliance made during the Shibuya Treasure Hunting game until he heard the latter being mentioned. After the event, he joined Sunset Ravens and works to end the game. He is cautious of certain people like Liu Xuelan and will return favors as shown when he told Amagasa that he'd been helped out by Hiiragi Ichirou.


True or Lie (嘘発見器(トゥル―オアライ)): True or Lie allows Ryuuji to tell if someone is lying. However, it doesn't work when the target believes what they say or when they are being controlled. When he first revealed his sigil to Kaname, he stated that he didn't like his sigil because people these days were full of lies, but has come to appreciate his sigil and its ability to help his allies.

Equipment: Ryuuji uses an RPD light machine gun in battle but also has a concealed handgun as backup.

Car: Ryuuji owns an armored Humvee which he uses for clan business.


  • According to the anime booklet, Ryuuji's birthday is October 23 and his blood type is O.
  • As of chapter 31, Ryuuji is mentioned to have won 19 of the 27 battles he's fought.