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Long Tao (龍 涛) is the rank 1 Darwin's Game player in China.


Tao has long black hair and a scar over his left eye that he's had since he was a child. He wears a collared shirt with vertical stripes and long pants. When he was younger, he was shown wearing a white tank top and dark colored pants.


Originally, Tao came to Japan to kill Sudou Kaname, however he develops an interest in him after seeing his actions during the Duel with the Pirate King Game. After being taken to World Line O, he mentions that coming to the other world line was a good opportunity to look back at his life, telling Kaname that all he wanted to do was move up in the world, and that was why he was playing the Darwin's Game. While he contemplated killing Kaname over Wang's death, he didn't care that much about getting revenge, admitting that it was most likely Wang's own fault that he died. He later attempts to scout Kaname and Shuka for a business he was planning on starting in World Line O.


Tao was originally an orphan from a slum in China.


Void Walker (虚無の王(ヴォイドウォーカー)): Void Walker allows Tao to send his attacks through a different dimension, allowing him to remotely hit his targets. He can also use his sigil to make attacks miss, as shown when he easily avoided Kashiwagi Rein's sniping.