Liu Xuelan is a Chinese player of D-game. She is also known as "the Untouchable" due to the fact that she is one of the top players of the game.

Liu Xuelan
Liu Xuelan
General Information
Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Status Alive
Ability Unknown
Personal Information
Gender ♀ Female
Age Around 30
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 23


Xuelan has long, black hair that is tied back in a ponytail with the shorter strands falling around her face. She has sharp eyebrows and is often depicted wearing eyeshadow. She wears wide sleeves and black pants, as well as black slippers. Sometimes, she wears a cat-like mask in order to conceal her face.


Xuelan is stealthy and confident in her abilities. She is also blunt, telling Kaname after meeting him that she wishes to have children with him in order to pass along her family's fighting legacy.


Xuelan, as described by Rein, is "D-game's #1". She is widely considered to be the most formidable player in the game. Xuelan's sigil is currently unknown. By showing her intense blood lust, she can make her enemies see themselves being killed. This effectively distracts them and often causes them to lose consciousness.

In combat, she fights with ajitte ( 十手), a two-pronged weapon used during the Edo period.