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Lilya (リーリヤ) was an agent of the Great Russian Republic. She was later killed by Karino Shuka when they attacked the train the latter was riding in.


Lilya had long, light colored hair which she tied at the back of her head, along with a single horn on her forehead. She wore a revealing outfit that exposed her stomach, with separate parts that covered her arms, and also wore shorts, tights, and heels.


As an agent of the Great Russian Republic, Lilya loyally carried out orders. According to her, she liked people that were quick to understand, as they were easy to work with. Unlike Grigori, she didn't care that there was someone with a sigil similar to her own. Like Vladimir, she underestimated her opponents, and paid for it when Shuka easily killed her.


Sigil: Lilya had an unnamed sigil that allowed her to manipulate chains.