Kyoda Hiroyuki
京田 浩之
General Information
Affiliation Darwin's Game
Occupation Student
Status † Dead
Personal Information
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Color Blonde
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1


Kyoda has long blonde hair. Kaname claimed Ryuuji looked a lot like him. He was only seen wearing his school uniform which consisted of a black jacket and pants.


Kyoda was very good friends with Kaname and Shinoduka. He was shown getting in trouble with them in an arcade, when they were confronted by a bunch of delinquents. He and Kaname shared a very large interest in motorcycles, to the point where he entered Darwin's Game so he could earn enough money to buy one.

Kyoda was extremely boastful, as he showed off his motorcycle to his girlfriend and jokingly taunted Kaname with a picture of it.


Kyoda's Sigil was never shown because he was killed by his school adviser Katou before it was revealed. However, he was shown to wield a knife.