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Kondou (コンドウ) is a member of Trinity.


Kondou has short dark colored hair. He wears a hat, sunglasses, a dark shirt, and light colored pants. When commentating the Hunting Game, he wore a completely black hat, though later on he is seen wearing a similar hat that is white in the front with a square design. When he is commentating, he wears a headset.


As Trinity's commentator, Kondou does his best to keep the crowd interested in what's happening on screen. Although he is loyal to Themis, he will take matters into his own hands if necessary, such as when he tricked her into believing that the "executives" had gathered, though he did admit that he tried to reason with Sunset Ravens until he knew he'd lost.


Sigil: As a Darwin's Game player, Kondou has a sigil, though he hasn't been shown using it.