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Killer Bee (キラービー) is the current rank 9 Darwin's Game player.


Killer Bee has short hair. He wears a shirt, a dark hooded jacket, a black mouth mask, and pants.


Unlike his acquaintances Inori and Mad Hatter, Killer Bee didn't really like Sudou Kaname's rise into the top 10 and hired Long Tao to take care of him. However, he became irritated with Tao's attitude, wanting them to hurry and kill Kaname instead of taking their time, pointing out that he had the higher rank, though he ended up losing and was forced to pay for their expenses. Later on, he becomes seemingly attached to Tao, silently hoping that Tao would disagree with Kaname's plan and becoming disappointed that he wasn't invited by Tao to start a business in World Line O.


Stinger (刺天我(スティンガー)): Stinger allows Killer Bee to launch an invisible attack within a 10 meter radius.