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Karino Shuka (狩野 朱歌) is a main character of Darwin's Game as well as a member of Sunset Ravens.


Shuka has red eyes and long blonde hair that she has tied into two long braids. She is usually shown wearing a dark red dress, though she wore a black dress when she visited Trinity's event. Whenever she becomes serious, it is shown by her having black eyes.


Shuka is typically friendly with people but can become deadly if needed. Originally, she became interested in Sudou Kaname because he was a rookie and because he managed to defeat Banda-kun, though she later falls in love with him after he beats her. Because of this, she obeys anything that Kaname tells her, and doesn't appreciate it if other men touch her, as shown when she used her sigil to sever the hand of a student that tried to flirt with her. Also, in order to impress Kaname, she is sometimes shown to get a little out of control such as when she staked her own clan in a bet with Themis. She is not afraid of dying, telling Liu Xuelan that people shouldn't have been born if they were scared of dying.

Initially, she believed that the strong would always win, and was cautious of people like Rein who were always calm and kept their emotions to themselves. However, her beliefs began to change after being defeated by Kaname, causing her to wonder if people who were truly strong were those that did whatever they could to survive, and she became accepting of those with different fighting styles. Her relationship with Rein has improved since then, such as Shuka asking her for advice on how to prevent Kaname from falling in love with other girls.


When Shuka was a child, she lived a happy life with her loving parents even though they were usually busy. One night, when both of her parents her home, her parents were killed by Fuli. Although she found the Darwin's Game app on her father's hidden phone, Shuka herself didn't get involved with the game until 5 years later when a girl called Miho tricked her into playing, and Miho was the first player she killed. Sometime after, she encountered Rein and requested information about strong players; after killing them, she then requested info about an elderly man who could change his fingers into blades. It was when she was planning to kill that man and then herself that she encountered Kaname.


Queen of Thorn (棘薔薇の女王(クイーンオブソーン)): Queen of Thorn allows Shuka to control wirelike objects, ranging from chains to wires. She is also able to oscillate said objects at high speed and use them to cut people. After training in World Line O, she comes to the understanding that strings tie and connect things, though it is unknown how her sigil has changed.

Skilled Fighter: Shuka is shown to be able to fight head on with Xuelan, the number 1 ranked player, and was able to withstand the latter's killing intent due to not being afraid of dying.

Equipment: Shuka uses various wirelike weapons, which she designs herself, in conjunction with her sigil. Her main weapons are her iron chains that she uses as weapons or to fly through the air. She also has specially made devices that can fire rewindable wire anchors, and she is shown to use piano wire to unlock things like windows.



  • Shuka's birthday is March 26.