Karino Shuka
General Information
Alias Undefeated Queen
Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Ability Queen of Thorns
Personal Information
Gender ♀ Female
Age 16
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Colour Yellow/Orange
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Karino Shuka also known as the "Undefeated Queen," is a main character of Darwin's Game, as well as a member of Sunset Ravens.


Shuka has blonde hair, usually styled into twin braids with bangs hanging over her forehead, and has amber colored eyes.

She is rather slim with a medium size chest. She usually wears a bordeaux coloured dress, and her stockings are the same colour as her dress and hair-slides.


At first Karino Shuka appears to be arrogant and sadistic as she attacks Kaname thinking that he is nothing more than just a newbie who won against Banda The Newbie Hunter by chance. Her personality changed drastically after she loses her fight against Sudo Kaname. Shuka falls in love with Kaname, and after the fight Shuka becomes more caring towards Kaname and she becomes less sadistic yet still stays arrogant towards other players. It is shown that Karino Shuka doesn't trust people easily as seen in her conversation with Rein after establishing the Sunset Ravens clan.


Karino Shuka, like other D-Game players, was granted the ability to use a Sigil. Her Sigil, Queen Of Thorns, is a powerful telekinetic type that allows her to freely control any string-like object. She prefers to use her ability on chains she carries around her waist and a wire mechanism on her hand. During her fight with One, she has demonstrated the ability to create micro-vibrations in wires, which allowed her to easily cut through limbs.



Before Shuka entered Darwin's Game it's implied that she lived a normal live with her mother and father, who both seemed to have died. Their causes of death are unknown, but it's implied that her parents were very wealthy. Some time later she was "drafted" into D-Game and after her initiation she would quickly become one of the more infamous but feared players in the game, scoring 49 straight victories. Because of her flawless victories, callous and sadistic methods and mannerisms to her opponents she had earned the moniker of the Undefeated Queen.

The Undefeated Queen

After eliminating a player who challenged her she came to know of the new newbie player: Sudo Kaname, who at the time got initiated into D-Game by chance and by accident. Sensing something fun, she willingly gave him small advice and in turn became very interested in him after he defeated Banda. She would later receive a help request from Kaname because of his unwillingness to play the game and also him fearing for his life.

She arranged a meet up at an abandoned warehouse and it's there, in the flesh, that she meets a nervous but hesitant Kaname for the first time. She offers to help him, but in return, for him to show her his abilities. Due to a misunderstanding on Kaname's inability to explain his Sigil and Shuka not being able to trust him, she retracts the offer to help and opted to kill him, forcing Kaname once again to fight for his life. After Kaname turned the tables on her by using the darkness and stunning her with a stun rod, she was defeated for the first time and concedes defeat. Shortly after Kaname faints, Shuka, having grown new found respect for him, takes him back to her apartment where she surely, but clumsily, treated his wounds and slept next to him naked.

After waking up after a awkward morning, Shuka (who in turn grew to be infatuated with Kaname at that point much to his bewilderment) started to help and explain the concepts of D-Game to him. She also offers an alliance and for Kaname to start a "Family" with her. It's also at this point where she and Kaname got an mandatory D-Game Shibuya Treasure Hunting event invite.

Shibuya Treasure Hunting Game Arc

Shortly after forming a alliance Kaname, she would later text him to meet up with her in Shibuya. After a brief lunch date and a run in with Inukai from the Danjou boxing club, the Treasure Hunt events began, but due to the game's requirements they'd have to be separated at random locations. While running from the streets of Shibuya defeating random teams and players, it's became difficult for her to meet up with Kaname (who had his starting point inside a hotel) due to the rings she collected tracks and attracts players to her location. She decides to go underground to avoid snipers and other players, but ended up running into a water and ice Sigil manipulator: Souta and Sui. After a tense standstill the water user floods the Shibuya underground forcing Shuka to retreat, but was trapped and defenseless due to Souta/Sui also freezing the exits.

Before fainting due to freezing water flooding the underground passageway, she sends a message to Kaname requesting assistance. Kaname would later find an unconscious Shuka and sensing a faint pulse from her attempts to resuscitate her with CPR. Shuka regains consciousness and thanks Kaname by kissing him because she thought his attempts at CPR was an excuse for him to kiss her, and wanting to do her first kiss proper. Realizing she's without a weapon he forges her a new set of chains due to losing them in the fight earlier.

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