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Kanehira Hideaki (金平 英明) was the leader of the clan Kanehira Insurance Union.


Hideaki had short black haired that was neatly combed and wore glasses. He wore a suit.


Hideaki was intelligent and cunning. He was also charismatic, manipulating most of the Darwin's Game players in the Hunting Game to obey him and used them as pawns. However, his intelligence could backfire, as what he thought was the empty fort strategy wasn't what he expected at all. His motto was "have insurance when crossing a stone bridge".


Halation Ghost (摩利支天(ハレーションゴースト)): Halation Ghost allowed Hideaki to create physical clones of himself anywhere within a 2 kilometer radius that he could control. However, the area which he could summon the clones became smaller the more he summoned at once. He disguised his sigil by cancelling it whenever needed, making it seem like he was a teleporter or used light to create illusions.

Skilled Fighter: Despite his looks, Hideaki was skilled at kendou, easily defeating upperclassmen when he was a student, and was a 5th rank.

Equipment: Hideaki wielded a katana in combat.