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Kamunagi (カムナギ) is a character from World Line O.


Kamunagi has short light colored hair and two horns on his forehead. He wears a uniform top, a short cloak over it, a belt, and light colored pants.


As Kouu's subordinate, Kamunagi is incredibly loyal to him, and is often seen with him as his attendant. His loyalty caused him to prioritize protecting Kouu against a potential threat over taking back a key during the Darwin's Game. He doesn't tolerate cowardice, cutting down a soldier that attempt to flee, yet was intrigued at what would cause the soldier to take said action.


Sigil: Kamunagi has a currently unnamed sigil that allows him to control heat spheres. He can use them to protect himself from objects or fire them at his opponent. His sigil is hot enough that Gyokuto Sakuji noted it was too dangerous to try to deal with them using Tartaros.

Equipment: Kamunagi wields a saber in combat.


  • Kamunagi was named Kamuragi (カムラギ) before his name was changed.