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Kamizaki Keiichi (カミザキ ケーイチ) was a member of Eighth.


Keiichi had short hair. He originally wore the Eighth clan uniform consisting of a white sleeveless shirt, a black vest with the number 8 on the back, and jeans. After getting injured during the Shibuya Treasure Hunting game, he has scars on his face and wears an eye patch over his right eye, along with a shirt, a dark jacket, and dark pants.


Originally, Keiichi had a more normal view on death, feeling guilty for accidentally killing his semi final opponent during a national karate tournament. However, he later became influenced by Wang, who advised him to feel better about killing by killing even more, and came to believe that humans were built to die the moment they were born.


Tempest (豪風拳(テンペスト)): Tempest allowed Keiichi to control air, making him able to add it onto his strikes for extra damage, use it to travel through the air by kicking, or create a barrier to protect himself and others. He could also hit people indirectly with his sigil.

Skilled Fighter: Keiichi was a skilled karate user. He would've won a national tournament if he didn't withdraw due to accidentally killing his semi final opponent. During Sunset Ravens and Inukai's attack on Eighth, he was the only member that the alliance couldn't defeat, easily dealing with Inukai, and he only lost because he lost all of his points due to the clan battle.


  • According to the author, Keiichi uses his mother's maiden name of Katsura (カツラ) instead of Kamizaki as a part of his Darwin's Game player name.