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Inukai (イヌカイ) is a member of Sunset Ravens. He was originally a member of Danjou Boxing Club until he was expelled for challenging alliance member Sudou Kaname without permission.


Inukai has spiked up hair. He wears a jacket, black arm covers, and pants.


Inukai is casual and outgoing even to people he's met for the first time. He likes teasing Hiiragi Suzune but always gets kicked by her for doing so. Unlike most Darwin's Game players, Inukai believes in being fair, which is also his weakness.


Speed Star (韋駄天足(スピードスター)): Speed Star allows Inukai to move at high speed, which he uses in conjunction with his martial arts. He mainly uses it with his legs as he is still training in order to use techniques that use his entire body.

Equipment: Inukai begins using a sansetsukon after Liu Xuelan pointed out that he had no talent in bare handed combat.