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Inori (イノリ) is the current rank 7 Darwin's Game player and Gyokuto Sakuji's cousin.


Inori has long hair. She is usually shown wearing her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, vest, bow, a dark colored skirt, and tights. During the Darwin's Game against World Line O, she wore a dark colored jacket and pants.


Inori, like Sakuji, wishes to keep their relation a secret so it doesn't cause trouble. She doesn't like the Darwin's Game, opting to stay behind in World Line O because she believed it'd free them from it. She was shown to get embarrassed when Sakuji revealed that he wanted to take the Sunset Ravens' offer in order to protect her, telling him that he was being arrogant.


Cheshire Cat (曖昧猫姫(チェシャキャット)): Cheshire Cat allows Inori or other objects she uses her sigil on to phase through objects. She can use it to escape through solid surfaces, cause attacks to go right through her, or crush her opponent's heart directly. It can also be used remotely to force weapons out of her opponent's hands. However, overusing her sigil strains her body.