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Hinokagutsuchi (火神鎚(ヒノカグツチ)) is Sudou Kaname's sigil.


Hinokagutsuchi allows Kaname to reproduce in his hands any object that he has touched before. However, overuse of this ability causes severe strain and fatigue on him. The objects he creates last as long as he remains conscious, or until he touches them and thinks "return". This ability can't reproduce complex technology like cell phones or large objects like cars, and the objects he creates through his sigil are not perfectly exact replicas.

When training his Sigil with Ximing, it was shown that the katanas he made were much weaker than the one he copied them from. After the training, however, the quality of his replicas surpassed the original, chipping it when the two were smashed together. Moreover, during his fight with Hiiragi Ichirou, Kaname demonstrated the ability to modify the gun and the bullets of the weapon he copied.

The objects created by Hinokagutsuchi can only maintain their form within a 2 kilometer radius of Kaname, which becomes smaller if multiple objects are created at once. However, after his training in World Line O, objects that Kaname makes no longer disappear if he becomes unconscious.