Hiiragi Suzune (ヒイラギ 鈴音) is Hiiragi Ichirou's daughter and a member of Danjou Boxing Club.


Suzune has amber eyes and long black hair. She usually wears a white shirt, a black undershirt, black tights, and a flower shaped hair accessory.


Suzune is friendly to anyone she comes across. Originally, she knew nothing about the Darwin's Game, and her trying to look into her father's death almost resulted in her death. Despite facing an experienced opponent, she didn't back down, stating that she was already resolved to die. She is good friends with Kashiwagi Rein due to both being close in age and the fact that their names are spelled the same way.


Sigil: Suzune has a currently unknown metamorphic sigil that allows her to change various body parts into that of a beast. So far she has been shown to transform her arms into claws to attack and have a horn on her head to sense where her opponent is. Using the sigil gives her immense speed and power, and for an unknown reason, her obtaining the sigil cured her heart problem. She was unable to properly control her sigil at first, resulting in beast ears and a tail showing, but later becomes able to manage it.


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