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Hiiragi Ichirou (ヒイラギ イチロウ) was a Darwin's Game player and Hiiragi Suzune's father.


Ichirou had neatly combed black hair and some facial hair. When participating in the Darwin's Game, he wore a full body suit, and his casual wear consisted of a white shirt, dark pants, and an apron.


Ichirou was a kind man who cared deeply about his daughter, revealing that he was only participating in the Darwin's Game to pay for his daughter's medical bills.


Meg Mell (千紫万紅(メグ・メル)): Meg Mell allowed Ichirou to manipulate plants, which he could use to set traps or control others. He could also gather vines around himself to create powerful armor that could shield him from most attacks. Overusing his sigil temporarily makes him unable to use it, and as expected from a plant sigil, he was weak to fire such as Agni Drive.