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Harris (ハリス) was a sergeant major in the United States army. He was presumably killed when fighting Enri during the Darwin's Game against World Line O.


Harris was a muscular man with dark shaved hair. When not in combat he wore a shirt with a camo colored shirt over it and pants. When participating in the Darwin's Game, he wore the United States army combat gear.


As a commanding officer, Harris was level headed, and was able to make decisions without being swayed by his emotions or nationalistic ties. He was strict, criticizing Tanya for believing false rumors and later yelling at his subordinates to behave, though he was willing to stay behind to let them escape. He was also fearful of Japan's players, especially the members of Sunset Ravens, such as when Karino Shuka swiftly severed Rand's arm for attempting to attack Inukai.


Hercules (万能とは剛力なり(ヘラクレス)): Hercules allowed Harris to have inhuman strength, with Harris himself mentioning that his punch could pierce through a tank's armor.

Equipment: As a soldier of the United States army, Harris wielded an assault rifle.