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Gyokuto Sakuji (ギョクト サクジ) is the current rank 2 Darwin's Game player and Inori's cousin.


Sakuji has short hair with the bangs in the middle cut. In his initial appearance, he wore a light colored coat, though he later switched to a dark colored jacket and pants during the Darwin's Game.


Sakuji cares about his cousin Inori, applying for the open spot for the Darwin's Game against World Line O in order to protect her. He wishes to keep their relation a secret so it doesn't cause trouble. He doesn't like the Darwin's Game, opting to stay behind in World Line O because he believed it'd free them from it.


Tartaros (真なる奈落(タルタロス)): Tarataros allows Sakuji to create black particles around his arms that destroy anything it touches.