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Grigori (グリゴリ) was an agent of the Great Russian Republic. He was later killed by Sudou Kaname when they attacked the train the latter was riding in.


Grigori was a muscular man with long, light colored hair and two horns on his forehead. He wore a white tank top, pants, a black belt with a large and circular buckle, and black shoes. He also has black metal armbands on his wrists that he uses in conjunction with his sigil.


As an agent of the Great Russian Republic, Grigori loyally carried out orders, though he reminded Vladimir that they were equals despite having to work for him. Unlike Lilya, he became interested when he heard that there was someone with a sigil similar to his own, expressing his desire to fight them. Like his fellow agents, he underestimated his opponents, especially since their weapons couldn't affect him.


Craftman (錬金(クラフトマン)): Craftman allowed Grigori to manipulate metal, which he used to create weapons out of objects, such as transforming a lamp post into a spear. Due to his sigil, he was impervious to bullets, however his sigil wasn't strong enough to deal with modern weapons.