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Greed (混沌の鼠(グリード)) are mysterious entities that are associated with the Darwin's Game. It is later revealed that they are former humans of a certain world line.


There are many different types of greed shown in the story, each of them resembling a type of living organism on Earth; one type resembles a wolverine, another a mammoth with one eye, the third a large dragonfly, the fourth a dog, the fifth an ape, and the last are humanoid greed. The wolverine greeds have been shown to be carnivorous, attacking people they see, while the mammoth greed uses acid to melt its opponents. The dragonfly greed are scouts and teleport other greed to the location once they see a target. However, the dragonfly greed's summoning can be prevented by obscuring their vision as they need specific coordinates. The greed have been shown to exhibit intelligence, as the mammoth greed hid behind a building to avoid being locked on to by an Apache helicopter. The Doume are implied to be greed, thought it hasn't been confirmed if they actually are.

As Kashiwagi Rein and the Game Master point out, it is unknown what the greed are trying to accomplish, though later on the Game Master mentions that the greed are from a world line of their own, however he still hasn't found out which one it is, though he speculates that there from a far off one based on their appearance. According to the latter, it took a dozen people to get rid of them the last time when they appeared around the Moai statue in Shibuya. It is later revealed that greed are able to teleport other greed to specific coordinates as long as they can see where the teleport location, and that greed can share information between themselves through their mesh network. Their most dangerous ability is to transform into people they eat, allowing them to infiltrate human society and break it down from within.

Despite this, the greed are still susceptible to weapons and sigils, and because of this Japan fared better than other countries due to having the most Darwin's Game players. Players can detect humanoid greed through certain sigils such as True or Lie or Wolf's Heart.

It is later revealed by the Game Master Shidou Izaya that the greed are the former humans of a different world line. The humans of that world line had all become greed, and the Game Master misused his powers to invade other world lines. Although all greed are "hubs" because they are connected via a mesh network, Izaya refers to the greed GM as the World Class Hub 世界間結節点(ワールドクラスハブ) because they are the only greed that can connect worlds. To get rid of the greed, Izaya asked the Sunset Ravens to hunt this GM down and kill them.

Over the 5 year timeskip, the humans of World Line N have come to classify the various types of Greed based on their size aside from the human like one. The wolverine like greed are Greed S, the ape like ones are Greed M, the mammoth like ones are Greed LL, and the human like ones are Greed D. Greed S and LL act like animals but are able to act with a clear goal when they are commanded by Greed M or D. Greed D (Doppelganger) are able to take the sigil and appearance of people by stabbing their fingers into the head of the victim. If they are captured, they are able to destroy themselves to prevent interrogation.

It is later revealed that certain Greed D are part of an elite group known as the Guards (上級分体(ガーズ)). It is also revealed that there are different types within the Greed D, such as the sigil specialization type, therefore it is unknown if all Greed are able to absorb sigils. When Greed D talk using information synchronization, their text bubbles are black blocks instead of the usual white circles.