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The thirty first and final chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


Shuka used her sigil to drop down with Rein to the Shibuya crossing in front of the station and Rein was relieved that they were back on the ground. Soon after, the rest of the Sunset Ravens arrived in the Humvee, with Kaname asking if it was over. Shuka answered that it was, and Rein pointed to where Fuli had landed when Ryuuji asked where the body was. Once they watched Fuli's remains disappear, Kaname told everyone that it wasn't over since he wanted to finish up with the Flag Game. Rein checked her phone, noting that it was 6:08, which meant that there was still plenty of time to completely take over the entire Shibuya area.

That night, the Ravens finished taking over the Shibuya area and sent a message to all other Darwin's Game players that they were now going to focus on completely clearing the Darwin's Game.

Around a month later, Rein was on the roof of a skyscraper near the station, keeping watch over the area. During that month, the Ravens had finished setting up non aggression pacts with the clans around them, therefore there were no clans that openly challenged the Ravens to a Flag Game, but the Ravens still had members keeping watch as a precaution. Checking her phone, Rein saw that there was still 20 minutes until the end of the Flag Game, though she didn't expect anyone to attack this week, and quickly checked the four flag rooms before reporting to Shuka.

A moment passed before Shuka replied, and Rein could clearly hear that she was eating a snack and watching a western TV show, which she realized was the zombie apocalypse show that Sui had recommended. Rein reminded Shuka that they were supposed be on standby and be ready to react if anything happened, however Shuka told her that she was bored, and suggested that Rein try watching the TV show she was watching. Rein became angry since she felt like the stupid one for taking her job seriously, but then began to wonder if she really was being stupid because she was waiting for an enemy that wasn't going to come.

With a sigh, Rein went over to her bag and pulled out her tablet and a snack. She opened her video app and began eating her snack, causing Shuka to point out that Rein was also eating a snack, which Rein stated was her rations. The app loaded and the video that Rein had been watching the day before continued on from where she left off with the volume set pretty high. When Shuka asked what she was watching, Rein told her that it was season 6, prompting Shuka to state that she'd kill her if she spoiled it.