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The twenty ninth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


Despite his whole body being burned from the grenade blast, Fuli ran downstairs and jumped out a window, and as he fell 25 meters he removed the shrapnel from his body and regenerated his burned skin. The grenades inside his body had been his trump card and the fact that he was forced to use it meant that fighting wasn't an option. His plan B involved using the THS members stationed at the entrance as a decoy while he turned into someone else and ran, transforming into an early teen girl once he reached the ground.

He changed into women's clothes, hid in a nearby street, and called one of the THS members, though the Darwin's Game automated message told him that the number couldn't reached. The message would be played if a participating player tried to call normally while a game was happening, and Fuli checked the time to see that it was 18:02, two minutes after the start of the Flag Game. Forgetting his disguise, he jumped out of his hiding spot to check the entrance to the Sunset Ravens building and saw three people surrounded by human shaped art on the ground.

Neither Kaname, Ryuuji, nor Ximing had any blood on them. Their presence caused Fuli to wonder why they were there since he'd ordered an attack on all three Ravens flag buildings, coming to the conclusion that the Ravens had abandoned the other flags in order to kill him. Kaname looked in his direction, and while the guns he was holding weren't a threat, Fuli ran out of fear.

Receiving a report from Xuelan that Fuli had ran, Rein looked down from the roof and noticed a girl jump out from a street and get into the minivan parked outside the Ravens building, causing her to hurriedly notify Kaname and the others to not let the car get away since their target was inside.

The three men fired at the car but Fuli still escaped, prompting Ryuuji to ask Rein if they should chase after him in their own car, though Rein told him that there wasn't any need. She was tracking the car using Laplace and fired at the tires as it was turning, causing it to turn over as it flew toward the sidewalk. She then mentioned that she'd leave the rest to Shuka, nevertheless the latter told the former that she was also coming and forcibly took her along using Queen of Thorn.

Fuli frantically got out of the overturned car and ran, mainly because the leaking gasoline could cause a potential explosion, and a rifle wasn't enough to deal a fatal wound to him. He wanted to get away from the battlefield as soon as possible and headed for Shibuya station as it had only been several minutes since the Flag Game had started and there were still plenty of non players around. He obtained a new set of clothes in a department store he went through and once again changed his appearance. He didn't think Kaname would attack non players and Fuli took advantage of the crowd to blend in as he headed to Shibuya station.

Unlike the events, the one on one battles and the Flag Game didn't block players from using the station, allowing Fuli a chance to escape. As he walked, he thought about what went wrong, noting that he'd underestimated the Sunset Ravens. Thinking about it caused him to recall past memories, making him wonder why he was so engrossed with the Darwin's Game since he already had plenty of money and a sigil that allowed him to transcend death, coming to the conclusion that it was all because of the Game Master. He felt that everything had fallen apart when the Game Master had sent him the email which led him to being dependent on his sigil and caused him to indulge in the Darwin's Game.

Fuli wondered if he'd been distorted and reduced to something completely different than what he previously was. As he walked, he recalled memories of marching on the battlefield similar to what he was currently doing. He recalled his friends in the army and was shocked when he realized that he couldn't remember what he'd looked like or what he'd been called, and at that moment he felt intense pain in his right shoulder which came from the chain that Shuka had stabbed into his body.