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The twenty eighth chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


With the door open, Sui used Pollux Light to force the water to flow out in a single direction, pushing Fuli and all of the THS members away and preventing them from doing anything. Fuli quickly transformed himself into a shark and struggled against the flow, though all it did was lower the speed at which he was getting pushed back.

Fortunately for him, it allowed him to survive getting cut into pieces by Shuka's wire trap at the end of the flow like the others. Once the water dropped to knee depth, Fuli transformed himself back into Wadatsumi, then turned around to look at the trap, instinctively jumping back moments later around the same time the metal wires attacked him.

Fuli wasn't able to completely avoid the attack as the wires wrapped around his right leg and completely destroyed it, making him realize that the wires were oscillating at high speed and that he most likely wouldn't survive if the wires covered his entire body. He immediately regenerated his right leg and turned around to escape down the other end of the hall, but fell over when he began to run, realizing a moment later that his feet had been frozen up to his ankles.

Using his sigil to heat his ankles, he escaped from the ice and stuck to the ceiling with suction cups made from his sigil, prompting Xuelan to call him a cockroach and throw a poisoned knife at him. Fuli removed the blade and excreted the poison from his body by applying pressure. Seeing this, Xuelan feigned resignation and pulled out two jitte like blades coated with the same poison.

Xuelan stood still and didn't let off any killing intent, causing Fuli to realize that she was an extremely skilled assassin that could control her killing intent, and he attempted to retreat but felt unmasked killing intent from behind him, which came from Shuka who was looking at him. Shuka and Xuelan gradually closed the distance between them and Fuli, and in addition to her usual chains Shuka also had the metal wires that she used earlier.

Despite this, Fuli wasn't affected at all, asking the two of them if they thought they had already won. Still stuck to the ceiling with his suction cups, he lowered both of his arms, revealing a short sword held in each hand. Xuelan attacked, and in response Fuli grew two arms from his back and held two more blades with them, fending off Xuelan's two jitte with two blades while attacking with two more. Xuelan jumped back and Shuka attacked Fuli with her usual chains, though he avoided them by jumping off the ceiling, then rebounded off the ground toward Xuelan to resume his attack.

Xuelan easily dealt with Fuli's four blades, using the recoil from receiving the attacks to constantly place herself in his blind spots. She thrusted her poisoned blades into his sides, causing him to momentarily pause, and Shuka attacked from behind with her chains. In response to Shuka's attack, Fuli transformed his extra arms into cephalopod tentacles, removed the poisoned the poisoned jitte from his body, and began to fight the chains. Xuelan fell back to not get caught up in the fight and Shuka eventually cut off the tentacles. However, just as Shuka was about to follow up with another attack, both she and Xuelan retreated, as at that moment countless grenades came out of Fuli's body, exploding right after.