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The twenty seventh chapter of the Darwin's Game ~Flag Game~ novel.


10 minutes before the Flag Game, Fuli sat alone in the minivan parked next to the Sunset Ravens base. After he sent the THS members that'd been with him to open the way, he called a Black Lotus member to check on the situation, and as such he was using Wadatsumi's appearance and Kaji's voice. After he finished, he changed his voice back to Wadatsumi's and called a Yayaren executive. Although he hadn't taken them over, he had already infiltrated the clan and gotten the executives' trust, and he'd been trying to convince them to take advantage of THS and Black Lotus' plan to steal a flag from the Sunset Ravens. Seeing that the plan was actually taking place, Yayaren began mobilizing to participate in the Flag Game.

Finishing the call, Fuli exited the car and did some light warm ups, coming to the conclusion that it'd be better to be Wadatsumi instead of Kaji. In addition to having high physical ability, Wadatsumi's sigil was similar to his own, and most of the members of THS obeyed the strong, making them easy to command. Fuli's plan against the Sunset Ravens was to use a large scale saturation attack, sending forces to attack the three Ravens flag buildings. Although the Ravens were talented, they were still few in number, causing Fuli to believe that they'd be overwhelmed when forced to deal with a large number of enemies.

In addition, Fuli had stationed a guard with the Wise Owl sigil at the THS flag building. The Wise Owl sigil allowed the wielder to see people's auras, and if trained the wielder would be able to see traces of movement and signs that someone was going to use their sigil. The guard that he stationed was skilled and could perceive people's auras through walls. The guard had reported that Kaname, Ryuuji, and Ximing were in the building, which meant that the Ravens had dispersed their already small force, and Fuli believed that taking the Ravens base at this point would cause them to lose their reputation. To assure their victory, Fuli had carefully chosen the THS members that would participate in the attack on the base, and the group included the B ranker Flint who had the Ifrit sigil that would be strong against the Ravens' ice user. Fuli didn't think he'd lose with all of his planning.

Since they weren't in the middle of a Darwin's Game, there were people around, though the people didn't pay them much attention since they were wearing work clothes. The members of THS and Black Lotus were using the hide cloak item as part of their ambush but also to prevent the Ravens from starting a clan battle. If the Ravens started fighting with their sigils in broad daylight, they'd violate the rule of informing the public about Darwin's Game and the management would have them eliminated, which Fuli knew as fact since he'd been taking jobs from them. Once they cut through the shutter, the members of THS carefully looked inside. At that point, as if the Ravens were watching, the lights turned on, inviting Fuli and the THS members inside. Fuli ordered half of the group to come with him and the other half to stand guard at the entrance.

Fuli and the THS members carefully made their way through the first three floors but didn't encounter any resistance including the ice walls that'd caused trouble for them last time. On the contrary, the lights in the hallways would turn on as they walked through. The members made their way through the next three floors but still didn't encounter anyone. Black Lotus hadn't contacted him since the call in the minivan, making Fuli want to call them, though doing so would cause the THS members to become suspicious. The members reached the 7th floor, the floor with the flag, however they still didn't sense anyone.

The door to the room with the flag had been changed to a sturdy metal one, causing Fuli to order Flint to burn it open. However, before Flint could do so, the group heard a heavy metal sound come from the door, prompting Fuli to order a different member to open the door. The door easily began to open, causing Fuli to wonder if the Ravens had abandoned their base and ran. Ordering the group to be wary of an ambush, he had them wait on the sides of the door. Once the door completely opened, Fuli couldn't believe his eyes as the entire room had been submerged in water, except the water was shaking like viscous jelly. Before Fuli could order the group to retreat, the water rained down onto them.